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Your contribution makes you part of the network that we form between our Network of Individual Donors , Alquimia Fund and the multiple organizations and networks present in the various territories of Chile. You will be aware of our work and the activities that feminist, social and sexual and gender dissidence movements are doing that are transforming their realities and those of everyone

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The mobilization of resources embodies possibilities: it is the belief in activism as a permanent action that transforms reality. It is placing hope in collective action. It is a political act for the social, political, economic and cultural transformation of the world we inhabit. Those who donate to Fondo Alquimia are constantly redefining the meaning of money, of giving and receiving. Being part of this Network is a seed that contributes to creating alternatives for change for the future.

Feminist solidarity emanates from acts of collaboration and dedication with others to seek joint solutions to social problems and inequalities. It is lived in daily and concrete actions of respect and support, as an act of reciprocity where the actions of generosity received, are returned without distinction and through acts. It is a way of building opportunities to improve and transform community life and its future on earth.

Donating to Fondo Alquimia allows activists to support themselves and stay with their actions over time. These resources are concrete support for them, an act of will that allows our common causes to materialize.

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