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Alquimia Fund has the purpose of weaving strong and flexible networks that enable us to respond to different risks and vulnerabilities, which is why we subscribe to a feminist digital protection, which looks comprehensively at the impact that technologies have on our lives, both digital such as physical, psycho-emotional and organizational.

In this context, we are committed to Data Privacy, so we avoid collecting as much data as possible, unless it is strictly necessary to fulfill our mission.

Fondo Alquimia uses Google Analytics for the sole purpose of recording browsing activity on the website and we do not require user identification. We do not use other tracking technologies such as "pixel tags" or third-party cookies.

It is possible to disable the tracking of Google Analytics through the browser used, however, this may affect navigation on our website.

Data Management in Forms

The forms inserted in our website (Contact and Donation), as well as those generated in the processes of calls, fundraising campaigns or attendance at events, are stored on secure servers and are used only for the purposes described in each form.

Histories and Web Statistics

Our servers do not keep records of IP addresses or usernames, only anonymous visits.


Fondo Alquimia has a contact base for the periodic sending of emails, in this way we inform our actions and that of partner and allied organizations. For this purpose we use the MailChimp provider, so we adhere to the privacy policies of that company.

It should be noted that, in case you do not want to continue receiving our emails through MailChimp, you can unsubscribe at any time through the option that the same email offers.

image usage

Any publication by third parties, whether on our website, emails, videos or graphic records, is made with the prior consent of the person in question. In the case of face-to-face and/or digital events, we will always ask for authorization to make image, audio or video records.

Delivery of Data to Third Parties

In no case do we provide data to third parties unless legally required.

We have a strong commitment in terms of data storage, which is why we have a secure information management policy.