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Our commitment to transformation


In Alquimia we believe that with their actions and work organizations open the paths of what is possible. We believe that they, in their territories and communities, make the social and cultural transformations. Their sustained action over time has allowed them to be the engine that drives and gives life to the country's democracy. In recent years, their work has made them stronger and stronger, achieving historic transformations.

They are territorial organizations and feminist networks made up of people with common experiences, who organize daily to improve their lives and their communities. Faced with gender, political, economic, environmental and racial violence, activists stand on the side of life and dignity. They are made up of womens, childrens, trans people, transvestites, lesbians, indigenous people, peasant womens, workers, students, residents, artists, land defenders, migrants, Afro-descendants, caregivers. They dedicate their time and effort to activisms, and create every day new ways of inhabiting the world and living in more just, free and supportive environments.

Its action is wide and diverse. Recognizing the inequalities caused by capitalism and patriarchy, they build the transformation from the most intimate: reconfiguring relationships with the body, sexuality and enjoyment; building community life with practices of solidarity and mutual support; taking charge of the problems of their communities such as access to health, education, work and housing; build livelihoods and sustainable economies; they protect the land, the sea, the water and the seeds; they dispute access to knowledge and information with investigations and independent media; they recover the historical memory; they make political incidence to achieve improvements in public policies and push legislative advances, among others.

With their actions and work these organizations and each one of their activists support life with their hands. They build Chile from its foundations and carve out a future in the earth where we all fit.