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Memories that open the present : «Sexual Political Violence is state terrorism. Approaches from experience and memory against impunity in Chile»
6 July, 2023
Violencia Político Sexual es terrorismo estatal. Aproximaciones desde la experiencia y la memoria contra la impunidad en Chile

49 years after the military coup in Chile, we share the book "Sexual Political Violence is state terrorism: approaches from experience and memory against impunity in Chile" , by the organizations Memorias de Rebeldías Feministas and Colectivo de Mujeres Survivientes Siempre Resistentes .

With emphasis on the visibility of sexual political violence and the activist action of the survivors, the book addresses from the first legal actions filed, to the feminist construction of the concept of sexual political violence, going through the denunciation of the impunity with which they were exercised. these crimes and how they have persisted, and the framework of rape culture. Likewise, the activists point out that, although it was lived with extreme harshness during the civil-military dictatorship in Chile, sexual political violence is not an exclusive practice of that period and continues to exist and be exercised by the State through its institutions.

"This book is a journey through the memory and history of those who have fought, resisted, survived, denounced and made visible Political Sexual Violence in its specific deployment in the Chilean reality," they point out.

In commemoration of a new September 11, we share this work that is presented as an exercise in memory and above all, as a necessary and urgent tool in these times in which we are going through the construction of a new Chile.