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Alquimia Fund commemorates its 20 years mobilizing resources together with organizations, allies and activists
5 May, 2023
En la imagen se observan decenas de activistas posando sonrientes en la terraza de Galería CIMA. De fondo se distingue la Plaza Dignidad de noche.

On March 30 we commemorate our 20 years of history with a resource mobilization event at the CIMA gallery. There, we toasted our history together with activists, allies, and organizations, and welcomed the 17 new donors who joined the Alquimia community that night.

It was 8:00 p.m. on March 30, when the doors of the CIMA Gallery opened. In that place, which collected historical images of Plaza Dignidad that were recorded in the recent memory of the country, more than 80 activists gathered to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Fondo Alquimia. In a festive mood, the day was marked by the joy of meeting again, commemorating and, above all, the desire to mobilize resources for social and feminist organizations.

Our Executive Coordinator, María Paz Becerra, opened the event with a reflection on what it means to celebrate 20 years for an organization, greeting all those who work to make Alquimia a community: its executive team. board, activists, organizations, allies, and donors. In this sense, he emphasized the importance of the work coordinated with the funds of the Latin American Alliance of Women's Funds, and the global network, Próspera. In this line, he highlighted the importance of talking about money and how the mobilization of resources embodies possibilities, allowing activists to sustain themselves and organizations to remain over time, transforming the world with a horizon of good living for all, all and all.

For her part, the recently appointed president of the Alquimia Fund Board, María José Azócar, also offered a few words to the attendees, pointing out the relevance that Alquimia has had for her and in her life and development as an activist. The also a Fundación Sol researcher, referred to the urgency of the work that the activists do in a context marked by a state of permanent capitalist crisis, which makes workers precarious, and which restricts the human rights of all. The importance of donating to movements to help broaden the horizons of social transformation was another point addressed.

As part of the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the Military Coup in Chile, we invite Kimberly Seguel, a member of the Always Resistant Survivor Women's Collective, to say a few words. In an exciting speech, Kimberly referred to the reconstruction of the social fabric, the urgency of keeping memory alive and how organizations face political and social conflicts, fighting daily for truth, justice and reparation. He also pointed out the need to stop emphasizing the agents of the dictatorship and address the issue from a narrative that accounts for the processes of resistance, social construction, and activism of the survivors.

Las activistas Francisca Fernández del MAT y Kimberly Seguel de la CMSSR sonríen de la mano.
María Paz Becerra y Sara Mandujano posan ante la cámara con activistas trans del Sindicato Amanda Jofré y Manos Diversas de Buín.
Las directoras de Alquimia, Alicia Muñoz de Anamuri y María José Azócar conversan.

Mobilizing resources among all, all and all

Last year we supported 135 organizations from all regions of the country. We met with them in December to commemorate these 20 years and together we built a flag where each one wrote their dreams for the next 20 years. That same flag was on that Thursday in March at Galería CIMA holding the registration table. We put it there to keep in mind that when we donate to social and feminist movements, we are contributing to making those hopes for social transformation come true. We mobilize resources in a feminist solidarity action that protects, supports and cares for those who organize.

Throughout the day, the attendees approached the resource mobilization stand to make direct contributions and, above all, to subscribe to our Network of Individual Donors with monthly contributions. At the end of the event we had 17 new members, who joined the more than 120 people who support us every month with their donations.

These contributions are extremely valuable, as they are constituted as acts of Feminist Solidarity, understood as a political value that supports the collection and delivery of economic resources. In the same sense, we celebrate the incorporation of five new donors belonging to Alquimia's partner organizations.

In these 20 years, the contribution of our donors has allowed us to make 1,229 contributions to 834 organizations from all regions of Chile, delivering a total of 2,709 million pesos.

Eloisa Pais registering donors to the Individual Donors Network.

Paula Contreras and Leonor Espinoza register new donors to the Network.

Activistas posando.
Integrantes de Fondo Alquimia posan para una foto junto a activistas de Ecolety, Fesintracap, Marcha Mundial y Heinrich Boll.
Integrantes de Fondo Alquimia y la Red Chilena contra la violencia hacia las mujeres, posan para una fotografía sonriendo.

Show Artificial Intelligence 1

Greetings Book for Alchemy

Opening dialogs

During the event, we created different spaces to promote conversation, make territorial activism visible, and remember. In this way, we project the audiovisual series "We are here, this is how we resist", created by Fondo Alquimia with testimonies from activists from Iquique and Melipilla and how they activate with hope for processes of social transformation. "We are so, this is how we live: Lesbian activism in Ainil" was also screened, a documentary that shows activism as a way of life in the experience of Casa Caracola and Editorial Tierra Negra in the territory of Valdivia.

We also exhibited the photographic exhibition "Sparkles for the futures that are to come." Prepared by the Alquimia Fund Team in alliance with the visual artist Jaime San Martín, the exhibition consisted of an artistic exercise that sought to open up the possibilities of imagining the shapes, colors and images of a future on earth where what is fair, joy, good living, respect and reciprocity are daily realities. For this we use the Stable Diffusion program, a type of Artificial Intelligence.

Throughout the event we made a greetings book available to the attendees, so that those who so wished could write their good wishes, greetings and expressions of affection for Alquimia on its anniversary. We received dozens of greetings!

At the end of the day, the Bandita La Inquieta, an artistic ensemble of women with a proposal for a musical show in dialogue with the dance and the environment, was presented. Through the rhythms of the Chinchín, the Clarinet, the Saxophone and the Trumpet they made us dance.

Bandita La Inkieta 1
Bandita La Inkieta 2
Bandita La Inkieta 3