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I work from resistance and rebellion. Quality of Employment of the Trans, Travesti and Non-Binary Population in Chile
24 July, 2023
Ilustración de personas trans, travestis y no binaries en Chile.

Fundación Sol and the Association Organizing Trans Diversities (OTD) , present the study "Employment Quality of the Trans, Travesti and Non-Binarie Population in Chile". This report has been produced by teams from both organizations and funded by the Heinrich Böll Foundation .

Its general objective is to create a questionnaire that allows characterizing the employment situation of trans, transvestite and non-binary people (TTNB) in Chile. For this, three focus groups were carried out to find out the barriers to insertion and work experience of the population. In addition, comments were made on two labor quota reform proposals and a comprehensive reparation policy for the TTNB community. Finally, a survey questionnaire was created.

Regarding the research process, the authors emphasized the importance of interorganizational and interdisciplinary work carried out jointly by Fundación Sol and OTD. “It has been a mutual learning process that we deeply value because the participation of trans people in the work team has made it possible to raise knowledge situated to address the multiple complexities that the work experience of TTNB people entails. We are well aware of the historical practices of extractivism used in academia where trans, transvestite and non-binary people are treated as mere objects of research (Cabral, 2009). So we greatly appreciate the meeting and collaborative work that we have developed here to co-build knowledge and imagine better futures for the TTNB community in alliance”, they affirm.

One of the main conclusions of this report is that the access and permanence of the TTNB population in the labor market is conditioned not only by discrimination experienced in the job market, but also by previous processes such as access and permanence in school and higher education . "We understand that decent and dignified inclusion in employment is a proposal for structural change for the entire working class in Chile, but this report illuminates the specific reasons that condition the experience of the TTNB population so that, in this way, the specific mechanisms of discrimination that are determined by cysnorm, compulsory heterosexuality, and gender roles are understood," the document reads.

Finally, the authors referred to the urgency of creating official instruments that consider the reality of TTNB people in relation to access and quality of employment. “ It is essential to know their biographies to understand what are the biggest difficulties they face in the labor market and that prevent them from generating sufficient and autonomous income. Based on this starting point, in this report we offer a specific reflection regarding the bill for a trans labor quota. Also, we discuss the principles that a remediation policy for the TTNB community should have. With this we hope to contribute to a comprehensive vision of public policies to protect and promote jobs in sectors that have been historically vulnerable, such as the TTNB community in Chile”.